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Compare Medicare Supplement Plans and Rates in Minutes!

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans and Rates in Minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medicare

How does Medicare Genius work?

We have licensed insurance agents taking your calls and selling policies directly to you. Many of these policies come from the nation’s largest insurance carriers. Our agents will explain coverage options, provide comparisons and assist you in any way necessary. Try to stump them. They’re geniuses, after all.

Is Medicare Genius an insurance company?

We are licensed insurance agents selling policies from leading insurance companies. We do not have information on your existing insurance policies, claims, etc. If you have a question regarding an existing or previous policy, please contact your carrier directly.

Is Medicare Genius affiliated with any insurance companies?

We work with a variety of insurance companies to sell you the best policy at the best price. We do not, however, have any interest as to which policy you may or may not choose. We are here to provide you Medicare Supplement options and do not favor any one product or carrier.

Get started with a
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Get started with a
Free Quote.

Am I still eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan if I’m under 65?

It depends on where you live, so check the laws in your state. There is no federal law requiring that policies be sold to those under 65, though many state laws mandate it. The Medicare supplement policies offered in your state could be limited due to your age.

Can my spouse be on the same Medicare Supplement policy with me?

No. Supplement policies only cover one person. A married couple would need two separate policies.

Is there a difference between a Medicare Supplement plan and Medigap?

No. They are the same thing. Some insurers refer to the coverage as a supplement, while others call it Medigap. The terms are interchangeable.

Can my Medicare Supplement insure choose not to renew my policy because of health reasons?

No. Standardized Medicare Supplement plans are guaranteed renewable regardless of your health. The only way the policy can be canceled is if you stop paying your premiums.